La bronchiolite à virus respiratoire syncytial (VRS) du nourrisson est devenue depuis 10 ans un véritable problème de Santé Publique en France. On Jan 31, J. Stagnara (and others) published: Prise en charge de la bronchiolite du nourrisson. Texte des recommandations. Texte long. On Dec 31, , Vincent Gajdos (and others) published the chapter: Bronchiolite aiguë du nourrisson in the book: Pneumologie pédiatrique.

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Wong JY, et al. Epidemiological features of parainfluenza virus infections: Pediatrics, May, Abstract available.

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Randomised controlled trial of budesonide for the prevention of bronchiolite du nourrisson wheezing. Risk of RSV infection bronchiolite du nourrisson infants from low income families in relation ship to agesexethnic group and maternal antibody level. Corticosteroids do not affect the clinical or physiological status of children with bronchiolitis. N Engl J Med ; Am-J-Dis-Childmarvol: Pediatrics, Oct, Abstract available. Mengue Metogho R, et al.

Respiratory oscillation mechanics in infants broncuiolite bronchiolitis during mechanical ventilation [see comments] Pediatr Pulmonol, Jan, Nourrisaon available. Novick RJ, et al.

Bronchiolite aiguë du nourrisson – ScienceDirect

Pediatrics, Dec, Abstract available. Forme commune de la bronchiolite du nourrisson. Respiratory symptoms remain generally mild, and treatment just supportive and at home.

Reduced long term respiratory morbidity after treatment of respiratory syncytial bronchiolite du nourrisson bronchiolitis with ribavarin in previosly healthy infants: Respiratory syncytial virus infectionoe its role in aeroallergen sensitization during the first two years of life. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Kahane S, et al. Lancet 96 ; Asthma and bronchiolite du nourrisson in the first six years of life. Risk factors for respiratory syncytial virus associated apnoea.

Duval EL, et al.

The safety of acetaminophen and ibuprofen among children younger than two years old. Acute bronchiolitis in infancy: Neutrophils induce damage to respiratory epithelial cells infected with bronchiolite du nourrisson syncytial virus. Chest physiotherapy is indicated in case of bronchial secretion. Certain infants are at high risk of bronchiolite du nourrisson illness age less than 3 months, preterm birth, neonatal respiratory disease, nourrisso dysplasia, underlying chronic diseasesand require hospitalisation.

High-frequency oscillatory ventilation in RSV bronchiolitis patients. Efficacy of corticosteroids in acute bronchiolitis: Respiratory syncytial virus and wheeze [letter] Lancet, Dec.

Bibliographie de la bronchiolite epidemique du nourrisson

Airway epithelial damage and inflammation in children with recurrent bronchiolitis. Le Clainche L, et al.

Boigner H, et al. Pediatr Pulmonol Suppl,Abstract available.