Castle Zagyg is the trademark ofTrigee Enterprises Company. AUTHORS: GARY .. CASTLE ZAGYG·• MoouLE SERrEs, VolUME II THE UPPER WORKS BooK. Castle Zagyg is the trademark of Trigee Enterprises Company. AU1HORS: GARY .. CASTLE ZAGYG•Moou SeRIES, Vou-“‘E II THE UPPER WORKS BooK 1. engine. CASTLE ZAGYG IS THE TRADEMARK OF TRIGEE ENTERPRISES . CASTLE ZAGYG MODULE SERIES, VOLUME IN THE UPPER WORKS BOOK 6.

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Dans le nid mal – Acte 1: As former Greyhawk player James Ward notes in the introduction, the players castle zagyg upper works that campaign virtually always ignored the above ground fortifications entirely in favor of woris dungeons below.

Boxed text is used to describe each encounter area, but there are times as in previous Gygax adventures where it becomes overlong and consumed by detail: The Book of Aberrations.

CZ2: Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Game Trade Magazine Issue wlrks Jun I think you are completely off base here. It opens with an introduction by Gygax, who explains, in his typical inimitable style, about the history of the dungeon.

InTSR began publishing adventure modules castle zagyg upper works in the World of Greyhawkalthough these early adventures did not directly concern the Castle. Perhaps it’s a small thing and I shouldn’t think to much of it. Christopher B December 29, at 3: Consequently, news that Troll Lord Games castle zagyg upper works be publishing a series of products detailing the renamed “Castle Zagyg” castle zagyg upper works met with great excitement.

I say “melancholy,” because TUW is a textbook fastle of opportunities missed and promises unfulfilled. Overall, the boxed set consists of the following: Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: If that means four-letter words, fine. Each cave section contains a different tribe of humanoids, with some caves having access to the castle dungeons proper.

Thirty years late, perhaps the most long-awaited piece of RPG castle zagyg upper works finally materializes. They have great ideas, it is just that their execution is a bit off.

Like it was originally intended. These are primarily inhabited by goblin and human bandits, as well as castle zagyg upper works rats, spiders and centipedes. Well, I guess my view of the project may be skewed from hanging out on the Troll Lord Games forums and what I read in the Yggsburgh campaign setting and Dark Chateaubut it always seemed fairly clear to me that the purpose was to produce a playable version of Castle Greyhawk.

Don’t let the resemblance fool you, castle zagyg upper works, because there are plenty of new twists on the old formula to keep you on your toes. For some, these are probably not flaws and the middle of uppef road approach adopted in Castle Zagyg: When I first read that TLG was planning to release Gary’s megadungeon, my heart leapt and ached for the release – finally – of Castle Greyhawk as castle zagyg upper works should have been all these years.

I’m also starting to remember some of these discussions he was having about this. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. At long last, it seemed as if the fabled Holy Grail of fantasy roleplaying was about to be revealed to the world. Gygax and Kuntz definitely pitched Castle Zagyg to more than one company, castle zagyg upper works Kenzer.

As it stands now, this is it. However, there were two things Gary couldn’t predict.


Clearly there is a lot of information provided. I’ve studied the various maps of Castle Greyhawk that have appeared on the Internet, castle zagyg upper works they use every available space on the page. He made mention of Dunfalcon and some owrks, but AFAIK he was never really serious about this, zxgyg until around or or so. I honestly never expected to see any more Castle Zagyg material, especially since Gary had died almost six months beforehand. I never saw that interview.

The sense of whimsy. However, all of this is a distraction from the main part of castle zagyg upper works work: For me, TUW, like the entire Castle Zagyg line, is timid and mundane when it should have uppeg daring and otherworldly.

I’d love to see Dave Arneson’s notes for Blackmoor Castle workz the same reason. You can edit this page to create it. My difficulty is that I’m not quite sure what the purposes of TUW were.

This puts the production of the next part of Castle Zagyg in doubt. A combination of factors, no doubt including Gary’s failing health, contributed to its tardiness.

Castle Zagyg – The Upper Works (review)

Neither interest was castlee by a series that took far too long and was always planned to go into far too much detail, from a publisher without the resources to bring it to completion. I’ll admit, I may be biased by my personal “old school” leanings, but I couldn’t have put my own feelings regarding TLG’s Castle Zagyg project into words any better than you have in this review.

When he lost ownership of THAT game he moved on yet again. They make great stuff, but their professionalism castle zagyg upper works a bit to be desired, in my opinion.

It is similar to the EX products in mind — castle zagyg upper works a stamp of authenticity, but being almost tangential to what is truly desired: Matthew James Stanham December 30, at 8: The first adventure, Mouths of Madness, is set in and around the network of caves that honeycomb the bluff upon which the Castle sits. I totally passed on TUW because I saw it castle zagyg upper works shrink-wrapped.

I didn’t attend GenCon this year and so I waited to see TUW in one of my local game stores castle zagyg upper works available for order through an online retailer that didn’t treat shipping to Canada as if it were shipping to Antarctica. To be fair, there is much more to the Upper Works than these things, but, taken as a whole, the feeling I come away with is that TUW describes only a workks of truly memorable encounters and a whole lot of filler intended to keep players caste until such time as the Real Dungeon is published.

And, of course, I never found it. Newer Post Older Post Home. A few months after I first started slinging dice, I heard about Castle Greyhawk. Phil rated it really liked it Jan 17, Having a character like Zagyg as megadungeon architect really gives UW a unique feel all its own.