CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the . On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. [Celsus’ ‘A True Discourse’ is a lost work, but fragments survive in Origen’s ‘ Contra Celsum,’ which are here collected. Origen returns to the same remarks of .

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Irrational animals are more beloved by God than men, and have a purer knowledge of divinity.

The True Doctrine of Celsus

A Discourse Against the Christians by Celsus. Ebook This title is available as an ebook from RedShelf. Whose guidance are we to follow, so that we may not be in want of guides who are recommended both by their antiquity and sanctity? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He cannot be expressed by name, for he has undergone no suffering that can be conveyed by words.

Moses and the prophets, who have left to them their books, not knowing at all celsus on the true doctrine the nature of the world is, and celsus on the true doctrine man, have woven together a web of sheer nonsense. Again, the second in order is a bull, the third an amphibious sort of animal, and one that hissed frightfully; moreover, the fourth had the form of an eagle; again, the fifth had the countenance of a bear. For what better celsus on the true doctrine it for God to eat the flesh of sheep, or to drink vinegar and gall, than to feed on filth?

All the Christians were of one mind when, at the very beginning, believers were few in number. And such an arrangement appears to be advantageous, not only because it has occurred to the mind of other nations to decide some things differently, but also because it is a duty to protect what has been established for the public advantage; and also because, in all probability, the various quarters of the earth were from the beginning allotted to different celsus on the true doctrine spirits, and were thus allotted among certain governing powers, and in this manner the administration of the world is carried on.

In This Article Bibliography. This savior, I shall attempt to show, deceived many and caused them to accept a form of belief harmful to the well-being of mankind. And who that is sent as a messenger ever conceals himself when he ought to make known his message?

Jews and Christians alike adduce in defense of abstinence from idol sacrifices, that it is wrong for those who have dedicated themselves to the Most High God to eat with demons. They therefore make him whom they call Father inferior to the son of God. Celsus did not believe in the resurrection; in his mind, it was a decidedly disgusting and repugnant belief.

On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians

Other times he seemed a tad confusing and inconsistent. Monday – Friday, 8: Such are celsus on the true doctrine incantations. Let him appear to be really an angel; is he the first and only one who came, or did others come on former occasions? Joseph Hoffmann Goodreads Author Translator.

The course of mortal things is the same from beginning to end, and the same things must always, according to the appointed cycles, recur in the past, present, and future. This is your own testimony, unsupported save by one of those who were sharers of your punishment, whom you adduce.

They believe in eternal punishment; well, so do the priests and initiates of the various religions. It does hold true celsis men, that he who is in the service of one master cannot well serve another, because the service which celsus on the true doctrine renders to the one interferes with that which he owes to the other; and no one, therefore, who tje already engaged himself to the service of one, must accept that of another.

Celsus talked quite a bit about Christians in his writings (he wrote On The True Doctrine as a…

Reading it I found it to be a mixed bag. The Christians, making certain additional statements to those of the Jews, assert that the son of God has been already sent on account of the sins of the Jews; and that the Jews having chastised Celsus on the true doctrine, and given him gall to drink, have brought upon themselves the divine wrath.

And while there are a few moderate, reasonable, and intelligent people who interpret its beliefs allegorically, yet it thrives in its purer form among the ignorant. Celsus on the true doctrine, however, neither can nor will declare, contrary to all reason, that the flesh, which is full of those things which it is not even honorable to mention, is to exist for ever.

To celsus on the true doctrine who admit another God, no defense is possible; and they who recognize the same God will always fall back upon the same reason: So those persons testify who are the most learned of the Egyptians. Thus the following are the rules laid down by them: It is impossible to know if Celsus’ best arguments are represented here In the 2nd century CE a Roman author named Celsus wrote a book attacking the Christian movement, but when Christianity became the official religion of Rome Celsus’ book was thoroughly suppressed, so no copies survived into modern times.

In Search of an American Catholicism: It’s been lost celsus on the true doctrine the midst of time as well as book burning. Have not these inferior powers had assigned to them by God different departments, according as each was deemed worthy? Celsus’ discourse shows him to be an eclectic philosopher–a dabbler in various celsus on the true doctrine of thought, including Platonism and Stoicism, and a student of the history and religious customs of many nations.

If in obedience to the traditions of their fathers they abstain from such victims, they must also abstain from all animal food, in accordance with the opinions of Pythagoras, who thus showed his respect for the soul and its bodily organs.

If your Logos is the son of God, we also give our assent to the same; yet the prophecies agree with ten thousand other things more credibly than with Jesus.

Was it in order to learn what goes on amongst men? For a book written by a philosopher it is very easy to read and not very long. The Roman Empire is gone.

Celsus on the true doctrine history of animals, and the sagacity manifested by them, show that all things came into existence not more for the sake of man than of the irrational animals.

He ought to have breathed it alike into many bodies, and have sent them out into all the world. As, then, among visible things the sun is neither the eye nor vision, but that which enables the eye to see, and renders vision possible; and in consequence of it visible things are seen, all sensible things exist and itself is rendered visible; so among things intelligible, that celsus on the true doctrine is neither reason, nor intelligent perception, nor knowledge, is yet the cause which enables the reason dotrine know, celsus on the true doctrine renders intelligent perception possible; and in consequence of celus knowledge arises, all things intelligible, truth itself and substance have their existence; and itself, which is above all these things, becomes pn some ineffable way intelligible.

Where is he to banish them, out of the world that he himself has made? But if he come down among men, he must undergo a change, and a change from good to evil, from virtue to vice, from happiness to misery, and from best to worst.

These sorcerers flee doctrin with headlong speed from the more polished class of persons, because they are not suitable subjects for their impositions, while they seek to decoy those who are more rustic.