Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. Richard Rhodes · Gennady Gorelik, Reviewer. Boston, University. Barton J. Bernstein, Reviewer. Stanford. Here, for the first time, in a brilliant, panoramic portrait by the Pulitzer Prize- winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, is the definitive, often shocking. The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. In “Dark Sun,” a book of formidable range, Richard Rhodes recounts in detail what led up to the Soviet explosion, how Mr.

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Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb – Richard Rhodes – Google Books

A frustrated Kapitza had to order such unavailable consumer goods as wall clocks, extension telephones and door locks from England. Off went another invitation. Despite the expectation that uranium would have to be enriched, he wanted to move directly to building a nuclear reactor. But there are other possible arrangements of natural uranium and graphite or heavy water that they overlooked, even though their second paper had offered an important clue.

The Italian physicist would influence Kurchatov’s career again indirectly in the s when Corbino sponsored Enrico Fermi’s Rome group that explored the newly discovered phenomenon of artificial radioactivity.

This book is a fairly comprehensive look at the early development of the US nuclear arsenal. Must redeem within 90 days. Huge htdrogen of industrial information and even strategic metals passed under the lax noses of U. Within a year, justifying Ioffe’s confidence in him, Kurchatov had organized and headed the First All-Union i. The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb 4. See All Goodreads Deals…. Jul 27, Hydgogen rated it really liked it. The Germans had brilliant chemistry; they had technology for the dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb of metallic uranium; they were involved in experiments on the centrifugal separation of uranium isotopes.

If you were interested in the espionage behind the atomic programs you dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb like this book, however I found the narrative so dull I simply could not ever connect with it; who stole this, who met whom on what day, simply tedious.

It tne a network of spies throughout the world run by NKVD rezidents stationed in Soviet consulates and embassies. The first Cold War confrontation occurred shortly thereafter, with the Russian blockade of Berlin in Junewhich was combatted and finally defeated in May by the allies’ Berlin Airlift.

A Pretty Good Description. Despite difficult conditions — the chemist N.

In the wake of war and revolution there was barely enough to eat. Instead they recommended separating U from U in gaseous form in te high-speed centrifuge, a method Khariton had studied in detail in but one for which the technology had not yet been developed. How long would it take today to move a big industrial enterprise to a new site?

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb

The most fascinating chapters of the book–the accounts of espionage and the Soviet research and development–aren’t technical at all, and they make for gripping reading. Lists with This Book. During much of this period, in the United States there was a perception that the Soviet Union was quickly overtaking the United States in dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb nuclear capabilities.

They found an estimate in a letter to the editor of the American journal Physical Review published in April Jun 25, brian rated it it was amazing. The break was delayed. More of a history of the early cold war that uses the hydrogen bomb as a focal point. To ask other readers questions about Dark Sunplease sign up. A noisy discussion was taking place [in the adjacent room].

Our journey lasted nineteen days: In December Flerov won leave to present a seminar on the uranium problem to the Academy of Sciences, which, like Fiztekh, had been evacuated to nearby Kazan. Trivia About Dark Sun: Like The Making of the Atom Bomb, surprisingly gripping even for those less fascinated by nuclear weapons than me.

Dark Sun | Book by Richard Rhodes | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He also is not a Luddite. None dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb the foreign physics literature in the university library dated past and there were no textbooks, but the rector of the school was a distinguished chemist and managed to bring in scientists of national reputation for courses of lectures, among them Abram Ioffe, theoretical physicist Yakov I.

Includes 94 archival photographs and a glossary with brief descriptions of the hundreds of people interviewed and discussed in the book. In the Matter of J Robert Oppenheimer.

A lot of us, after all, take a careless, haphazard attitude toward many aspects of life that seem secondary to us. This natural oscillation could be controlled by increasing or decreasing the volume of uranium.

Igor Kurchatov organized the initial Soviet study of nuclear fission at Fiztekh in the early months offollowing Joliot-Curie’s letter to Ioffe and confirmation of the discovery in scientific journals.

We’d already nicknamed him “General.

More pertinent, the policies which called for the eventual building of literally thousands of nuclear and TN bombs are questioned. I checked this on the internet and apparently no definitive records from the old Soviet Union in this regard have been made available to researchers of this subject. The relocation proved to be a forlorn hope; Antonina died within six months.