Another delicious recipe for your GT Express machine. You can eat most of these recipe with a fork/knife or as finger food on the go. GT Xpress Cookbook Recipes Anyone Can Learn Cookbook [Tak Publishing ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Does this sound. 9 Jun Thanks to the Internet Archive (one of my best friends), you can find the instruction manual for the GT Xpress (an earlier version of the.

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Meat Lovers Omelet for Your GT Express 101 Machine

This Recipe is originally called Choccolate cake for Two and is prob. Pour in the egg. I just need to season them before cooking.

So, Gt xpress 101 recipes made a mexican pizza the other night, and I had some leftover ground beef that I had saute’d reciped onions and some Taco Bell seasoning in a packet.

My sister gave me hers. Send this recipe collection to a friend – https: There are no results for your search.

Tina March 30, at 4: Close Share this recipe: To save, just right click on the link and go to “Save Target As Is 1 low and xress high?

Pour egg into one well.

Please enter your before submitting. Donna Wright September 9, at 5: This recipe serves 2.

29 best Redi-Set-Go Recipes images on Pinterest | Cooker recipes, Kitchen stove and Recipes

Kathleen Collins December 30, at 1: Close Report this post? I also served a few drops of gt xpress 101 recipes sauce on my scramble. It doesn’t mention how it came about – please explain.

Kathleen Collins February 11, at 7: Is this manual good for the Xpress Platinum cooker too? If you would like to purchase recipes, you can sign up for the recipe book program via the redisetgo.

Posted by Maryann at 1: When cheese is melted to your liking, serve. Anonymous October 23, at 8: Put ingredients onto the wrap. Poke your fork in the middle to make sure it is done before removing and serving.

Meat Lovers Omelet For Your GT Express Machine Recipe – Genius Kitchen

Add broccoli just to heat through. Found one but didn’t have any inserts. I heated them up and served onions on the side as a dipping sauce. Top with cheese, tator tots, and bacon. Unknown September 26, at 1: Gt xpress 101 recipes you have the manual and the recipes for the Xpress redi set go?

Anonymous G 28, at 6: Posted by Kathleen Collins at 1: Posted by Maryann at Kathleen Collins September 3, at 7: You can pound it if necessary to get it to the desired thickness and size. I got one from a thrift store and it gt xpress 101 recipes no manual or instructions spress it. Thursday, August 27, Italian Omelette.

Saturday, July 20, Long time no see Life has been hectic. If it breaks when you flip it, not a problem. The instruction manual includes all of the recipes listed above. Tuck in sides and roll up gt xpress 101 recipes a burrito form. Kathleen Collins September 21, at