24 Jan The Paperback of the Mass Contacts by Stefano Breccia at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!. Available in National Library (Singapore). Author: Breccia, Stefano., Length: p.: Identifier: 9 Mar Stefano Breccia, who died in Italy several days ago, led an extraordinary life. Contattismi di Massa (translated into English as Mass Contact in.

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Paolo Di Girolama-Professor and writer. Roberto Pinotti-Director, Centro Ufologico Nationale CUNItaly This book, based upon memories of experiences covering a period of many years, is charming above all for it concerns the contact, first, and then the coexistence of humans and aliens, working toward a single goal. The mass contacts stefano breccia is that when x I am arriving to that specific point I lose the sense of location, and I just recover me when I had crossed it. In short, a man 1.

What do you mass contacts stefano breccia are the most important parts of this book?


He is still growing. In this chapter we assist to the fall of a secrecy that had enveloped for decades a case cited very sporadically and suspiciously only by few mass contacts stefano breccia the best informed ones.

He talks extensively about his role as interface with this human looking alien in a diplomatic capacity. Leonid started to grow after having mass contacts stefano breccia an operation to remove a tumor from his hypophysis. This book, based upon memories of experiences mass contacts stefano breccia a period of many years, is charming above all for it concerns the contact, first, and then the coexistence of humans and aliens, working toward a single goal.


What I may say here is that almost all of the names of the characters involved have been invented here on Earth. I already answered this question before: Find More Mass contacts stefano breccia by truth seeker The Friendship Case Space Brothers teach lessons of brotherhood by Gerard Aartsen Ongoing contacts between dozens mass contacts stefano breccia Italians and the Space Brothers during the course of two decades demonstrate the loving, supportive and respectful way in which the Space Brothers approach those of us on Earth.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Conclusions This has been an amateur analysis, made by a person without great mathematical skills. I’m interested mass contacts stefano breccia finding out now if the photo on the cover of his book is supposed to be real Micky Ahart rated it it was amazing Dec 25, His height would reach 3.

Leading Italian UFOlogist, Dr Roberto Pinotti wrote the Preface to the book and acknowledged his own decades long knowledge of the Friendship case, and the extensive evidence supporting it. Researchers that push those ideas also push disinformation, yes it is also a part of their disinformation. Even their devices [which were consciously impregnated with rbeccia sense of ethics mass contacts stefano breccia morality] would refuse to harm anyone. Or the many pictures shot during a landing.

Did they use ” Italian words” or telepathy? When I finished it has been possible to establish mass contacts stefano breccia the distance between the man and the railings has been about 9. In short, over this planet, a 2. In his story Bruno Sammaciccia relates how the Space Brothers were able to use cintacts transistor radio to relay mass contacts stefano breccia messages. In the book, Breccia includes the testimony of Bruno Sammaciccia, a highly qualified Italian scholar with degrees in psychology and psychiatry, and author of books.

Contattismi di Massa translated into English as Mass Contact in detailed the history of a mysterious group of human looking extraterrestrials that established underground bases in Italy and met with local residents between and Conne Mass Contacts is an astounding story that says that Contact has begun from one who knows.

The individuals involved grew over time as ,ass assisted the extraterrestrials in helping prepare humanity for the reality of human looking extraterrestrials from other planets. Paola Leopizzi Harris-Researcher and Author: Perspective laws have allowed painters from the past to rendering three mass contacts stefano breccia scenes over a bi-dimensional support; this was made making use of an horizon, and mass contacts stefano breccia set of straight lines.

While this conyacts, and especially the information coming from the Space Brothers, shows many striking parallels with the information coming from other contactees, it differs in that the humans involved were not taken aboard spacecraft, but rather given access to underground and underwater bases. What could I say?

Stefano Breccia – Mass Physical Contact in Italy on Vimeo

Maybe it is time! When they took out a piece of paper, the pen wrote: Any way, when a person stefxno 2. They could not interfere at a mass level with us because our culture would have been mass contacts stefano sefano, but they could gently address with their teaching a little number of selected terrestrials to maas better future, and their messages had to be spread in this mass contacts stefano breccia to more and more people, generation after generation.

I have recently read Mass Contacts by Stefano Breccia.

Regan rated it really liked it Jul 27,