26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. 3 Mar filterJ is simply a wrapper for the algorithm set forth by SAE-J (MAR95) ( APPENDIX C); This standard describes how to calculate the. DiMod and. SAE J Compliance. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jochen Schulz, Service Engineer,. Kistler Automotive GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany r.

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K211 user should consider steady-state and dynamic calibration techniques duplicating spectral content representative of the target measurement application as a minimal initial basis for equivalence. Note that sae j211 can choose the positive x-axis to point in the direction of saf the thumb, forefinger, or middle finger as shown in the orientations 12, and 3 of Figure 2.

Zero offset errors in orthogonal components cause comparable errors in resultant sae j211 that are often difficult to detect. The type of digital filter used should be sae j211. SAE J21 References are listed in Appendix A, Section A.

SAE J211: Instrumentation for Impact Tests

Hence, the polarity for frontal chest compression is negative. The user is cautioned to examine the sae j211 data for signal overloads, since the filtering process can mask certain overload conditions. The polarity for this motion should be negative. For CFCs of or 60, the frequency response of the channel is determined by the filter algorithm sse sae j211 Appendix C.

The sae j211 response classes in Table 1 are recommended for that purpose. This can be done, for instance, by recording the output of spare channels equipped with dummy transducers. If the data set to be filtered contains sufficient pre-event and post-event data, then the initial conditions can be ignored sae j211 the filter response to the initial step input sae j211 have damped out before the event begins. Manipulations for checking polarities of load cells not listed in Table 2 may be found in the users manual for the specific dummy being used or SAE J It is not necessarily limited by technological constraints of sae j211 fabrication or design but is unmistakably linked to both the transient and steady responses under impact loading conditions.

The same techniques are used at the end of the data set. The user must ascertain combined performance to establish equivalence.

Full text of “SAE J Instrumentation for Impact Test”

Unless otherwise indicated sae j211 latest revision of SAE publications shall apply. If it is sae j211 to xae the whole channel performance, which is usually the case, the test agency may treat the channel as two or more convenient subsystems. The whole channel performance could then be demonstrated on the basis of subsystem results, together with a rationale for combining the sae j211 results together.

Other sources of errors are related to environmental compatibility, i. Results presented as diagrams should have axes scaled with one measurement unit corresponding to a suitable multiple of the chosen unit for example, 12, 5, 10, 20 mm. If the calibration equipment cannot produce the required input, due to excessively high values sae j211 the quantity to be measured, calibrations shall be carried out within the limits of these calibration standards and these limits shall be recorded in the report.

In some systems it may be necessary to divide the eae channel into subsystems, for calibration sae j211 checking purposes.

A statistically significant number of tests should be performed to validate the results.

j2111 Acceleration transducers, in particular, should be mounted in such a way that the initial angle of the actual measurement axis to the corresponding axis of the reference axis system is not greater than 5 degrees unless analytical or experimental assessment of the effect of sae j211 mounting on the collected data is made. In other cases, the paper speed should be such that an equivalent resolution should be obtained. The maximum error induced by aliasing at the F H frequency sae j211 not sae j211 0.

However, if the data set contains a step or fast rise, the filtered output will contain data prior to and after the actual event in the unfiltered data. For lateral sae j211 compression, a blow to the left side of the chest produces a positive displacement of the impacted ribs relative to the thoracic spine.

In cases where properties of nonmechanical test subjects preclude rigid transducer mounting, an analytical or sae j211 evaluation of mounting effects on the data should be provided.

Type of digital sae j211 used e. Phase-shifting filters will cause time offsets and phaseless filters will cause time uncertainty; either of which will cause problems in comparing data to film, and comparing data to data if the class sae j211 are different. In this case, h211 coordinate system is fixed to the thoracic spine. Description of designated reference points and locations of vehicle accelerations c. The rearward displacement of the tibia relative to the femur that is measured by the knee shear transucer is in the negative x-direction.

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The data channel designations b. The calibration of the amplitude response did not cover the complete CAC The test report shall indicate the calibration limits. The digital filter algorithm sees nonzero initial data as a step function, and it responds with a sae j211 underdamped second-order response. The CAC number is numerically equal to the upper limit of the measurement range that is, equivalent to the data channel full scale.

These recommendations are not subject to any variation and all of them should be adhered to by any sae j211 conducting tests to this practice.

The amplitude response sae j211 between the transfer functions of the two transducers should not exceed 0. Sze the transducer forms an integral part of the data channel, the error contribution of transducer sae j211 factors should be included when considering overall data channel performance requirements as outlined in Section 4.