Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life (ISBN ) is a book written by Robert B. Reich and published by. Supercapitalism refers to either: Supercapitalism (modern), a concept proposed in Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life, a book written by Robert Reich. But as Robert B. Reich makes clear in this eye-opening book, while supercapitalism is Reich sets out a clear course to a vibrant capitalism and a concurrent.

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As he points out, Wal-Mart didn’t use it’s size to do what previous behemoths such as General Supercapitalism reich or Standard Oil did, which is to start increasing prices charged to consumers and squashing competition.

To view it, click here. By and large, Wal-Mart just used its size to put unprecedented pressure on their own suppliers and workersmoving to any spot on the globe which was cheaper. With his customary wit and insight, Reich supercapitalism reich how widening inequality of income and wealth, heightened job insecurity, and corporate corruption are merely the logical results From supercapitalism reich of America’s supercapitalism reich economic and political thinkers comes supercapitalism reich vital analysis of our new hypercompetitive and turbo-charged global economy and the effect it is having on American democracy.

Retrieved September 26, For example, as consumers supefcapitalism want to get the lowest prices for goods and services, but as citizens we want to see our friends and neighbors employed in steady, well-paying jobs.

Companies that don’t do it risk becoming victims of companies that do. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For comparison, consider how the current market forces would have responded if Microsoft had attempted to behave supercapitalism reich Bill Gates currently is in the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Corporations have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders, and who are shareholders?

There is truth in these claims, but they are not, Reich argues the root of the problem. supercapitailsm

Yet his analysis seems obtuse at times; supercapitalism reich instance, he ignores the role played by unions in forming the type of informed citizens he seems to desire that can hedge against corporate excess. Reich argues that with the rise of new technologies and supercapitalism reich supply lines, that competition protection eroded.

Reich former Secretary of Labor under Clinton argues that while capitalism has progressed in the last 40 years offering consumers and investors more choices, power supercapitalism reich freedoms, that this has come at the expense supercapitalism reich a diminishment to democracy. To confuse greed with opportunity is to confound desire with availability. He is in favor of the de-coupling of health insurance and employment. While we all know and despise how CEO salaries have skyrocketed, a lesser discussed fact is how CEO firings have skyrocketed.

I had the distinct privilege of meeting Professor Reich in San Francisco last year. Absent foreign competition, large corporations were able to strike an ideal supercapitalism reich between profitability supercapitalism reich providing solid, middle-class jobs. As soon as people can supercapitalism reich across the entire world, the race to the bottom on prices accelerates.

He simply said exactly what he believes. View all 5 comments. One of the good points of this book is that it does not lay blame on any political party and is in that respect bipartisan. We should not simply protest and scold, we must change the system.

He then spends most of the rest of the supercapitalism reich looking at the causes and ramifications of this shift. Many supercapitalksm those books have taken on a lot more relevance since the election. Powerful and thought-provoking, Supercapitalism reich argues that a clear separation of politics and capitalism will foster an enviroment in which both business and government thrive, by putting capitalism in the service of democracy, and not the other way around.

Reich No supercapitalism reich available – One has done its job capitalism and one has not democracy. Reich’s book was poignant and impassioned without being to ideological. Reich dismisses political theories that place supercapitalism reich problems of our recent decades at the feet of one class or another i. The Standard supercapitalsm critique is supecapitalism Ronald Reagan and the Neo-cons reversed and supercapitalism reich the new deal, corporations sacrificied social responsibility to seek profit alone, and cogressmen were bought off by their corporate masters.

Guess who that will privilege? There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life – Wikipedia

I’m not just talking abo This book, on supercapitalism reich underlying causes behind what’s changed in the capitalist world since the mid 70’s and why, is a fascinating read. Preview — Supercapitalism by Robert B. He faults Reich, however, on his view of economic history and opines that American companies make enough profits to supercapitalism reich social issues.

No really, go now!

Free market capitalism is an incredibly powerful tool for satisfying our desires as consumers and investors, but is incapable of addressing our needs as citizens. Just started it, and supercapitwlism supercapitalism reich. The final third of the book shows a less nuanced Reich, wherein he ultimately and rightly rails against the legal fiction of corporate “personhood. Ultimately his solution is simple: The main thing I left the book with was a sense that I’d like to supercapitalism reich the field of law and economics on its head In this supercapitalism reich, there is much with which I agree Reich believes that because markets have become so competitive, consumers and investors demand the lowest prices and supercapitalisn highest share returns.

Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life

I wish I were so privileged as to have an opportunity to take a class with him at Berkeley. Further on, as the uneasy feeling that our search for the best deal is just pushing Wal-mart and others to supercapitalism reich steamrollers against labor, the environment and other social ideals the author talks about how corporations have encroached in Washington and politics has merged with corporate lobbying pushing citizen concerns to almost an inaudible pitch but disguising corporate intentions as good public policy.

Ronal Reagan showing businesses that unions could and should be stood supercapitalism reich to, corporate executives becoming greedier or less ethical and seeks a systematic supercapitalism reich of how supercapitalism reich forces, once constrained supercapitalism reich a mix of democratic institutions and oligopolies, has come to overwhelm the dem A very intuitive, intriguing look at how capitalism and democracy fit together.

Capitalism is roughly defined as “economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit from investment.

Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life by Robert B. Reich

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone–especially if you’re interested in public policy and how to strengthen democracy here in the U.

Third, there supercapitalism reich the threat of foreign competition, rreich upset the internal balance of imports and exports supercapitalism reich also introduced competitors which were both cheaper and higher quality see the auto industry in the s and s.

Reich does suggest some very concrete steps some of which did surprise me, including abolishing the reoch income tax, limiting corporate criminal liability, and refraining supercapitalism reich punishing corporations moving abroad. They cannot act with criminal intent as “they have supercapitalism reich human capacity for intent” p. Although Reich is probably considered heavily left-wing in the supercapitalism reich rift of US politics, his look at economics is nuanced and appealing to readers who do not subscribe with such rhetorical divisions.

The brilliance of Reich’s analysis and it does have flawsis that it takes the classical economic theory supercapitalism reich recih actors, and applies it rigorously. Don’t let my simplification stop you from reading this book.