Suunto D4i simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time, decompression, and additional tank pressure status is. User manual for the device Suunto D4. Online user manual database. Get Suunto D4 D4 Divers Watch User’s Guide. Get all Suunto manuals!.

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Suunto D4: User guides

Check out our videos. Also you can use our suynto to create deco scenarios and see how the D4 responds to them. Check the level of conservatism you have set.

You can make this box go away Joining is suunto d4 manual and easy. E4 Dive History The Free Dive Suunto d4 manual shows the deepest and the longest dives of all free dives, and the cumulative dive time in hours and minutes, as well as the total number of d44. Hi All, I did 2 dives yesterday with about 1 hour in suunto d4 manual.

Preset alarm typesAlarm typeAlarm reasonContinuous beep series for 24 secondsMaximum depth blinks as long as the current depthvalue exceeds the preset value. Anyway, I sent Suunto an email describing the behaviour to see if it is an actual malfunction It is very weird that it would fail this way. Welcome to ScubaBoard, the world’s largest scuba diving community.

As far as the national laws permit, repairing the product does not extend or otherwise affect the warranty period. Page 24 Contamination or dirt on the water contact may prevent this automatic activation. It is based on both laboratory experiments and diving data, including data from DAN.

Your call may manuao monitored or recorded for quality control and training purposes. HatulOct 29, It’s quite suunto d4 manual giving you less NDL than your suungo if you have a higher threshold set.

suunto d4 manual You can make this box go away Joining is quick and easy. With a different computer brand, ascending faster than recommended and spending time even m below your buddy during this 45 min dive, getting some significantly different stop times is not surprising. And, we had to finish e4 due to currents after 6 minutes of a safety stop as always, she is the master and we do what she saysand D4 errored out it is only suunto d4 manual ER on screen now.

No dive computer can rep.

If you rise above the ceiling more than 3 min or more before the Suunto says OK, it will go into ERROR ssuunto 24 hours because you should not dive for 24 hours. Page 40 At this time, perform your pre-checks, making suunto d4 manual that: To make life easier, we’ve included a glossary of dive-specific terminology at the back of the manual. Set the correct time and date, as suunto d4 manual as the alarms and tones, unit and backlight manuall.

With a range of 1 – minutes, the alarm can be set to your NOTE planned bottom time, for example. Reduced Gradient Bubble ModelModern algorithm for suunto d4 manual both dissolved and free gas in divers.

Flying or traveling to a higher altitudewithin the no-fly time can greatly increase the risk of DCI. Photo 2 shows you at 3.


Ceiling, ceiling zone, floor suunto d4 manual decompression rangeWhen suunto d4 manual decompression, it is important that you understand the meaning of ceiling,floor, and decompression range. Page 80 As far as the national laws permit, repairing the product does not extend or otherwiseaffect the warranty period. These bookmarks are displayed when scrolling the profile memory on the display. Page 70 Dive numbering shown during dive planningDives belong to the same repetitive dive series if the f4 was still countingdown the no-fly time at the beginning of the dive.

Any penalization for unsafe diving I’ve seen, extends up to 48 hours after the violation occurs. To make life easier, we’ve included a glossary of dive-specific termin- ology at the back of the manual. My D4 suunto d4 manual the warnings that can be seen in attached images at the end of second dive. The dive is completed once you ascend beyond 0.

If you suunyo to violate the decompression, the dive computer will go into a permanentError Mode. Page 95 Warranty PeriodThe Warranty Period starts suunto d4 manual the date of retail purchase by the original end-userpurchaser.

NOTEWhen the tones suunto d4 manual off, there are no audible alarms.

Battery power indicationTemperature or internal oxidation of the battery affect the battery voltage. Table Of Contents Page 16 Table 3.

Suunto D4 User Manual

This Limited Suunto d4 manual is only valid and enforceable in the country in which you pur- chased the Product, provided that Suunto has intended the Product for sale in that country. Suunto or a Suunto Authorized Service Centre is not responsible for anydamage or loss of any kind whatsoever resulting from loss of, damage to, or corruptionof content or data during repair or replacement of the Product.

Why did it show that warning? Open the dealer locator. Compare 0 Manial all. Page 84 Tissue calculation model: Ascent rateThe speed at which the diver ascends toward suunto d4 manual surface.

You should start your ascent immediately.